About Michael

Michael has been in the real estate industry for over 15 years as an active property investor. Michael is a licensed real estate buyers agent, a property investment strategist, a best selling author and a highly sort after property negotiator. Michael has negotiated property transactions from as low as $350,000 to as high as $48 million dollars.

Michael’s expertise is buying prestige family homes for his time poor professional clients and he also builds his investment clients high performing property portfolio’s to suit any personal financial situation and strategy.

Michael is an expert in knowing the correct type of property to purchase in a low supply and high demand suburb that will create excellent capital growth over time with a high rental return.

Over the past 20 years Michael has purchased real estate using many types of property contracts ranging from Standard Sales Contracts, Option to Purchase Contracts, Lease Options, Assumptive Options, Instalment (terms) Sales Contracts, Back to Back Lease Options, Joint Venture Contracts, Second Mortgage Carry Back Contracts.

Michael is passionate about property and is well known for his honesty and integrity and is a highly sort after property professional who is well loved by his clients for out performing his clients expectations with all their property buying needs. Michael works exclusively for the purchaser and delivers real savings to his clients.

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