When buying an investment property the difference between you making money or losing money over the long term of the investment all comes down to the crucial buying decision. You will make money if you buy the right type of property in a low supply and high demand suburb, which will give you greatest opportunity of capital growth over time.

This is critical when buying negative geared property as this strategy is designed to make money over time through capital growth. It is also critical for buying positive cash flow property as you make money through capital growth as well as monthly cash flow.

When buying an investment property, you also need to factor in that a tenant will rent your property. So buying the right type of property in the best lifestyle rich suburbs will ensure that you maximise your rental return on your investment.

If you buy the wrong type of investment property in a high supply and low demand suburb for the best opportunity for capital growth, as well as buying a rental property in an area that does not have all the lifestyle amenities like walking distance to cafes and or beaches beaches, public transport etc etc the rental demand to live there will be significantly reduced and as a result you will definitely lose money over time because of a lower rental return and slow capital growth on your investment.

You don’t want to find out that you purchased the wrong type of investment property 10 years down the track when you decide to sell or you are forced to sell your investment property. Your initial purchase was incorrect and you end up losing money and valuable time because you didn’t have a professional who buys property every day, helping you buy a great investment property that will make you money over time.

What do we mean by buying the right type of property in a low supply and high demand suburb?

There are many types of investment properties you can buy for your investment. For example, 1, 2, 3 bedroom apartments, houses, semi-detached houses, blocks of apartments, serviced apartments, holiday letting apartments, land, and buying off the plan.

At VIP Portfolio, we have many years of property buying experience. We know exactly which type of property to purchase in the best performing suburbs, which will enable you to buy an investment property that will perform for you over time in any type of market conditions.

As active property investors ourselves, we must be satisfied that any property we recommend meets our strict investment criteria. It must be a property we ourselves would buy as an investment. You will receive impartial and objective advice from professionals who buy property – not sell property like real estate agents.

We will help you identify the best investment property that suits your property investing and lifestyle needs.