Buying a home is a major project that will consume much of your precious time, money and energy. Deciding where to buy, going to open inspections, comparing the pros and cons of each property, working out what price to offer and negotiating with real estate agents can be a time consuming and very emotional almost full time job!

It’s so easy to get emotionally caught up in the process and pay too much for a property in a negotiation or at an auction, or become frustrated at not being able to find the ‘right’ property, no longer having the time to buy and just buy any property to end the painful buying process settling for second best.

VIP property buyers are licensed buyers agents who work for homebuyers and investors to purchase their dream home or investment properties. VIP property buyers work exclusively for the buyer to search, evaluate, negotiate and acquire the property and work with you right up until you get the keys to your property. They do this by sourcing the right property in the right location, at the lowest possible price with the best terms and conditions matching your specific buying criteria.

Using a VIP property buyer to find your next home or investment property will give you your time back to do the things you want to do the most while knowing that you have a licensed professional taking care of buying your home or investment property on your behalf.